Friday, May 26, 2006

where I've been?

Working, sleeping, trying to budget on nothing at all & trying to get the hemocrit up & dealing with verious bone spurs & maniscus issues.. It's borderline now for platelet donations & was able to do the do last weekend. Hope this weekend pans out too.

But...there is a new link on my side bar for Sages of Consciousness. Interesting e-zine that y'all should submit your Multicultural Musings to for their next thematic issue....

Last issue was Death And The Afterlife. They accept reprints. Life 404 was accepted and is up there now in the latest edition that just came out today. Something very nifty about getting that first "registered ISSN number zine" acceptance.

And thank you everyone (ESPECIALLY the HAWT HAWT HAWT BUNION BABES who rock the world) for the encouragement when I first had it up in Flashing in the Gutters. That gave me the courage to toss the piece out there to complete strangers for a yea or nay acceptance.