Sunday, April 16, 2006

Not thinking much and a little tired. I treid to do apheresis today but my hemocrit was too low for the second week in a row. I could afford to see my GP if I wanted to take off more unpaid time. But I couldn't afford the tests to tell me why all of a sudden my hemocrit is down to 33 from it's usual 39-42 - or why my back and knee hurt (was supposed to get an MRI for the knee just before I got laid off anf lost insurance and even with the craptastic insurance I had, the MRI would have set me out of pocket $500)- or get a cortisone shot for my ankle at the orthopedists.

This is my apheresis folder.

I have donated 81 times (79 of those double units) of CMV negative platelets. Those fo to infants and the severely immuno compromised who've never had CMV

I won't get insurance converage until November with my new job which I do love despite the wait. All I want to know is why when I've done my part in saving not just a few lives, I can't get any medical care that I can fucking afford and why it would be a whole different story If I'd had three or four out of wedlock puppies, or had been an addict, or a criminal or a dropout, or illiterate, or someone who didn't dig down to pay out of pocket for the meds to keep themselves from going to the happy home with all the other basket weavers.

So I am taking time off and aside from work which I take seriously....I am sleeping and being frivolous with my time and watching television and goofing off. I go to the doctor on the state dime tomorrow though because I now have a "job" albeit that I am uninsured....I'm being told my disability claim/request for some small modicum of assistance....will likely be denied.


At 5:22 AM, Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

First, my sincere and heartfelt congratulations on your new job. Good for you!

I admire your dedication to blood donation. I have a rare genetic disorder which causes my body to make too much. I go every month to have some drawn off. Unfortunately, because of the disorder, it is toxic and can't be donated. What a waste. Thank goodness for people of your generousity.

I clearly understand your insurance issues as I row in the same boat. I believe it is Maryland that is considering legislation in that regard. It'll be interesting to see the outcome.

At 8:24 AM, Blogger M. G. Tarquini said...

The health care situation in this country is a disgrace.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

It is.

German healthcare has cut down on a lot of services the last years (I have to pay for my allergy medicines now) but you still have coverage for serious issues even if unemployed.

At 6:03 PM, Blogger Dana Y. T. Lin said...

Erik - so are you saying if a vampire sucked on you, your blood can kill it?

Lisa - You deserve some goofing off time. Check out all the new reality TV crap, it might cheer you up.

At 8:54 PM, Blogger Bonnie Calhoun said...

I can say I'm sorry , but I'd rather be more proactive and say that I will pray for you to get a satisfactory conclusion to this plight!

At 4:52 AM, Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

I don't know if it would kill a vampire, but it sure as hell has put me on the ground a time or two.

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