Monday, April 17, 2006

Open Bar Nite at Jickys

The maitresse'd is stretched out on her fainting couch with a Purple Destiny. The poker for pills game is ongoing so ante up. At the dim back table it's dicing for decants with the perfume pushers. And front and center it's authorial critique jello wrestling. The hostess is tired but the good times roll on. Drinks are free. The pill & decants .... you bring your own.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Not thinking much and a little tired. I treid to do apheresis today but my hemocrit was too low for the second week in a row. I could afford to see my GP if I wanted to take off more unpaid time. But I couldn't afford the tests to tell me why all of a sudden my hemocrit is down to 33 from it's usual 39-42 - or why my back and knee hurt (was supposed to get an MRI for the knee just before I got laid off anf lost insurance and even with the craptastic insurance I had, the MRI would have set me out of pocket $500)- or get a cortisone shot for my ankle at the orthopedists.

This is my apheresis folder.

I have donated 81 times (79 of those double units) of CMV negative platelets. Those fo to infants and the severely immuno compromised who've never had CMV

I won't get insurance converage until November with my new job which I do love despite the wait. All I want to know is why when I've done my part in saving not just a few lives, I can't get any medical care that I can fucking afford and why it would be a whole different story If I'd had three or four out of wedlock puppies, or had been an addict, or a criminal or a dropout, or illiterate, or someone who didn't dig down to pay out of pocket for the meds to keep themselves from going to the happy home with all the other basket weavers.

So I am taking time off and aside from work which I take seriously....I am sleeping and being frivolous with my time and watching television and goofing off. I go to the doctor on the state dime tomorrow though because I now have a "job" albeit that I am uninsured....I'm being told my disability claim/request for some small modicum of assistance....will likely be denied.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Another night at Jicky's

The glare of sodium lights streams through the door of Jicky's. Sam looks up from his piano, stops midway through a quiet Chopin etude. "Where ya, been baby?"

The hostess slips off her suit coat and slides into her smoking jacket. A chorus boy brings her cashmere lined slippers and her jeweled cigarette holder. "Working Sam, gotta pay for this joint somehow."

"They treating you good out there."

"The best Sam. It's old-school, you know, men do the heavy lifting, I get face-time with the big shots. It's all good, sweetheart. Gonna go get me a Purple Destiny now."

At the bar Emily K is holding forth, translating Baudelaire off the cuff and making a mean salad nicoise. Patrons seem to be sipping their absinthe and chartreuse with a certain unusual savor along with the mellifluous words.

MG and Dana are munching on pain au chocolat courtesy of the inestimable Emily K; while Sharon and E. Ann indulge in steak tartare. Their eyes are glued to the glare of laptop screens to the exclusion of all else.

Purple Destiny in hand, the hostess makes her way back to the piano. "Back there, what's happening?" She flicks her head toward the furthest dimmest table in the room, where several soignee folk in black velvet hold forth in a polite and courtly manner.

"The dealers are back, babe. With a vengance."

"Sam, you know what happened the last time I let perfume pushers into Jickys."

"Talked to Katie 'The Nose' for ya baby. They'll pay up this time."

"Anything for a price Sam. They know me too well."